Paarppidam is an Associate Firm of Designing & Engineering Professionalswho offers services such as design, supervision and construction of houses and buildings.  Most of our plans are designed by highly talented Engineers at Dubai, UAE and we do provide necessary technical support though our own team members at native to implement the plan.

Paarppidamoffers services such as design, supervision and construction of houses and buildings.We would help our clients to build their dream house by creating customized designs conceiving the ideas, wishes and requirements of the client, their budget, availability of land, climatic and landscape conditions of the plot, etc. And, we would also provide necessary technical guidance and assistance to implement the plan.

We do require a sketch of the plot with actual measurements, landscape details, photograph of the plot and whatever information you could share with us to design a suitable plan.

Vastu Shastra is a traditional Hindu system of architecture which literally translates to “science of architecture”  These texts are found in the Indian subcontinent that describe principles of design, layout, measurements, ground preparation, space arrangement and spatial geometry.Most of such Vastu aspects and principles are considered and followed evenby the modern era construction industry.If require by the client, we do provide designs by strictly following the principles of Vastu.

We do not consider Vastu as a measurement procedure. Vastualso give prime importance todesign principles, layout, ground preparation, space arrangement and spatial geometry to ensureother aspects such as free and fresh air circulation (ventilation), presence of day time natural light into the rooms, aesthetic look, and suitabilityof the building to the nature.  Moreover, Vastu, complementsspiritual satisfaction to the inmates for their physical and mental well-being.If require by the client, we do provide designs by strictly following the principles of Vastu.

Preparation of design and production of detailed drawings as per the final design are our main services.  On specific client request, we also provideservices of our own team members or assistance to find and finalize suitable individuals / firmsfor supervision of construction, project management and contracting at Thrissur and Wayanad Districts. We do offer timely visits to job site at various stages of construction,as and when requested by the client,on chargeable basis.

We offer

Scheme I: Setting out Plan, Floor Plans, Elevation Drawings, Section Drawings, Sketch and 3D View of the Final Plan.

Scheme II: Items of Scheme I + Shop Drawings and drawings required to get permit from the Local Body.

We will provide all assistance to get building permits from the concerned local bodies only in Thrissur district.

No.  We will not provide detailing for Plan / Elevation prepared by others.  We are only interested to design the projects through direct personal interactions with the client which would help us to conceive their requirements, wishes and ideas to serve them better.

Certainly.  We do a feasibility study of the plot and, if found suitable, provide designs accordingly.

Our first preference is Contemporary style.  However, we do Fusion styles as well if require by the client.

In most of the houses, doors and windows will remain closed throughout the day due to security and privacy reasons which would cause insufficient ventilation and lighting in concrete houses.  Courtyards would not only provide solution to these problems but also supplement aesthetically.

The fees for our services are to be decided, based on your scheme selection and the volume of work. Once the scope is finalized, an advance payment of __% to be paid before the commencement of project designing.  Balance payment can be made on milestone basis.
Payments are to be made to our bank account via bank transfer or account payee cheque.

You may please get in touch with us either by e-mail paarppidam@gmail.com or call Mr.
Satheesh kumar on mobile+971553082700 and / or Mr. Vilash  +91 70 1264 6082